My Dashboard - Whats available to Editors

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Administrator (back end) start page:



President's Message (Home page right side)

How to Edit - Watch the video


What Hot (Column 1 Row 1)

How to Edit - Watch the video - This is the same as the President's message


How to upload a document 

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How to edit other text areas (Row 1 - Column 2 and 3, along with select others on the home page).

The items that you should edit here are:  

  • Resolutions
  • Meetings and Agenda 
  • Map
  • Poll/Survey (for advanced editors)
  • City Newsfeed (for advanced editors)
  • Upcoming Meetings  (for advanced editors)
  • Subscribe to Newsletter  (for advanced editors)

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Cliff notes: G
o to the Backend > Extension > Template > Styles > Photon Home Particles > Layout > then find the block you want on the layout page.  Open that item with the COG icon and edit the text and save.


Simple HTML for use in pages:

<br> = single carridge return
<p>  = double carridge return



How to edit Top area

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How to edit Add Documents


How to edit Archive - Contact system Admin for these edits




How to add a file

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How to change the Poll