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Officer Patrick Lennon reported that since September's meeting 7 hit-and-run reports with no injuries were taken by the police. Five of reports were for parked vehicles, one was the speed limit sign in the 4100 block of Seminary knocked over, and one was a driver sideswiped on the ramp from 395 on to King Street being handled by VA State Police.
The Police, Fire and Sheriff's Departments would be getting a 6% pay increase next year.
Alexandria Police Department Officer (soon to be Sgt.) Patrick Lennon is SHA's new representative. He reported on incidents and said he would follow up on our concerns that students at TCW are ignoring traffic primarily at 'dysfunction junction.'
Captain Joe Pankey reported the Sheriff's Department has updated all their certifications and encouraged citizens to attend the Alexandria Citizen Police Academy.
SHA's new liaison officer from the Alexandria Police Department is Patrick Lennon (soon to be Sgt). He said there were 53 incidents in the SHA area last month, but none were serious. Tom Fulton questioned him about an incident in front of his house where a car was left running with its lights on for several hours. He contacted the APD, but the car sped off when an officer arrived. No chase was made since no crime had been committed, which is APD policy.
Captain Joe Pankey from the Sheriff's Department gave a brief on the various community academies available that could address citizen concerns. He also said 10 new deputies graduated and 11 more will start training soon.
When a neighbor called the police because three young adults were using the outside electrical outlet on an unoccupied house to charge their cell phones, the police said this is perfectly legal according to City Code unless the property has a 'No Trespassing' sign.
Several cars in the Ivanhoe Street/Place area were vandalized; someone stole money from unlocked cars. REMINDER to all to keep your car doors locked even if it's in your driveway or garage.
The altercations at T. C. Williams High School this past week 'fights and arrest' were not gang related.
The police computer system to track crime (RMS) is finally up and running.
No police report; not sure if the new crime RMS tracking system is working yet.. Sheriff Captain Joe Pankey said the program on Heroin & Other Opioids in February was well attended, and he appreciated our advice on allowing parking on W. Braddock Road. As part of the accreditation process for the Sheriff's Office, public comments are welcome by phone on April 9 during 3-5 pm ”703-746-5005” or in person on April 10 at 5 pm at the Alexandria Courthouse, Circuit Court Room 3, 520 King Street.
No police report; not sure if the new crime RMS tracking system is working yet.. Sheriff Captain Joe Pankey reminded us about the program on Heroin & Other Opioids-Feb 28-7 pm-at Mini Howard, 3801 W. Braddock Road
Sheriff Captain Joe Pankey has reported regularly and brought information about concerns about the increase in the use of opiates and a program designed to locate those who wander away, see the link on the SHA website "2018-01 Project Lifesaver."
Alexandria Police Sgt. Lee Houston sent in statistics on homicides/gang activity and citations issued on Quaker Lane and Seminary Road in 2017; see the link on the SHA website "2017-11-28 Police Report."
Alexandria Police Officer Desselegn said the new RMS system to track crime is not ready yet and reiterated concerns of Sheriff Captain Joe Pankey about the increase in the use of opiates.
Area 1 Seminary Civic residents have joined Neighborhood Watch.
Sgt. Lemuel Houston reported the police department's new RMS system to track crime is not ready yet. Sheriff Captain Joe Pankey spoke about some of the 133 federal inmates in the Alexandria jail. Report any graffiti that should be removed to the police department.
The new Alexandria Police Department (APD) Chief Michael Brown spoke at the SHA meeting and noted that the City's new crime data system should be ready in the next 30 days, then answered questions. The Chief will work the issues of speeding and large vehicle traffic on North Early Street. He is aware of an increase in crime activity in the West End 'regional jurisdictions are working together on gang activity' and there is no 'end date' for a report on the reduced speed to 25 mph on Seminary Road and Quaker Lane. He explained that when we see APD officers not always obeying traffic rules 'over the speed limit' likely they are on emergency type calls that do not manadate sirens.
Officer Marcus Downey had no statistics on crime this month because of the process to install the new crime data base system. He reported on the automobile crash involving a fatality at the corner of Quaker Lane and Duke Street.
Chief Joe Pankey provided an update on National Police Week, including the expected additional traffic in our area.
Sgt. Mike Rodriguez noted five incidents of gun shots at Kenmore Avenue and Seminary Road. He noted the City's crime rate declined in 2016 and passed out a flyer. The increase in truck traffic on neighborhood streets appears related to the Alexandria Gateway Project (Beauregard and King Streets). Sgt. Rodriguez urged residents to contact the Police Department�call 703-746-4444 or go online to the City website and under 'Contact Us' at the top choose 'CALL.CLICK.CONNECT' to report problems with the trucks, graffiti, Comcast, pot holes, truant students, speeding, etc.
Chief Joe Pankey announced an upcoming drug take-back day 'one of four held annually' and urged residents not to flush old medications down the drain because they may end up in the Potomac River. He passed out a flyer on activities of the Sheriff's office and noted that the prison population is aging and the jail has new mattresses.
Sgt. Houston reported that there were 49 cases in the SHA area during the last month most were minor cases. For problems with graffiti or truant students, call the police.
Chief Joe Pankey explained the duties and recent accomplishments of the Sheriff's Department. He also said they are now fully occupying the old Alexandria Police Department complex
Sgt. Lee Houston reported that Michael Brown has been named as the new Alexandria Police Chief. There was a general discussion by Board members and members of the audience regarding students from TCW congregating in the woods behind the school when they should be in class. He will contact the TCW School Resource Officer concerning the situation.
Chief Joe Pankey described how the Sheriff's Department handles immigration issues. He said Alexandria is not a Sanctuary City but officers do not question immigration status on routine stops. He noted that Alexandria's officers were hired to work in DC during the inauguration. He also described a Sheriff's Department program that helps prisoners who are returning to society to get 'adjusted'
Sgt. Michael Rodrigues reported that there were 56 offenses last month 'mostly minor' and traffic data was not available. If residents want increased speed enforcement, use Call.Click.Connect on the City website OFTEN.
Captain Joe Pankey announced the Sheriff's Office is hiring and encouraged young people to apply. He also reported that 250 families of inmates received gifts over the holidays from the Office's fundraiser.
Sgt. Lee Houston reminded us that it’s the holiday season so don’t let packages sit outside your door for too long. Ask a neighbor to take them in if you are not going to be home.
Captain Joe Pankey reminded people that they can visit the Alexandria Sheriff Office via its Facebook on the Internet for information and activities.
Sgt. Lee Houston noted mostly minor offenses in the past few months and gave data on enforcement from June to September on N. Quaker Lane and Seminary Road, which resulted in 515 traffic stops (565 charges) and 174 stops (191 charges) on those two streets, respectively and one stop (1 charge) on Fort Williams Pkwy.
Officer Dougherty reported on offences in the Seminary Hill area over the past month. He advised that with the holiday season approaching, residents continue to LOCK your CARS and not leave any valuables—phones, presents, change—in sight in your car. He also recommended having motion detector lights on your driveway rather than leaving the lights on all the time.
Seminary Hill Association, Inc., welcomes Captain Joe Pankey as the new liaison from the Alexandria Sheriff’s Office. Our longtime liaison, Lt. Brian Grenadier, retired and has moved, I believe, to Florida.
St. Lee Houston has reported no increase in offences in the Seminary Hill area over the past six months. He will collect information for SHA on the number of tickets given to speeders on Quaker Lane and Seminary Road since police began enforcing the lower 25 MPH speed limit.
Sgt. Houston reported an uptick in crimes recently with 52 offenses; most minor and no assault and battery. To reach Sgt. Houston please call 703-746-6651.
Police Investigator Judy Taylor reported that crime in our area remained at an average-low with only 33 offenses in the last month. Police Chief Earl Cook discussed the armed robberies at Floyds Barber Shop next to the Bradlee Safeway in February and of the Verizon Store last October. There appears to be multiple perpetrators and these robberies are unresolved.
Sgt. Houston reported that crime in our area continues remains at an average-low with only 36 offenses in the last month. To reach Sgt. Houston please call 703-746-6651.
Sgt. Houston has reported that crime in our area continues remains at an average-low. He is passing SHA's invitation to the Chief of Police to attend our meeting in February. To reach Sgt. Houston please call 703-746-6651.
Sgt. Houston has reported that crime in our area continues but most are minor offenses that do not result in arrests. He noted one automobile accident at Seminary Road and N. Jordan Street that resulted in several injuries. Everyone is reminded to report any suspicious activity in your area as well as keeping your car doors locked. To reach Sgt. Houston please call 703-746-6651.
Sgt. Houston advised of an increase in the theft of catalytic converters from vehicles 'close/lock your garages' and asked that we report any suspicious people in our neighborhoods.
Sgt. Houston reported no new trends in crime near Seminary Hill but identified the types: fraud, drug and alcohol, larcenies, vehicle and bicycle thefts.
Sgt. Houston reported that for the past two months assault and battery had the highest number of incidents. He reported that no Alexandria police officers wear police issued body cameras ant that the traffic enforcement unit needs 4 to 5 more officers.
Sgt. Houston reported crime remains low in the Seminary Hill Association area.
Officer Lloyd of the Alexandria Police Department will be setting up a meeting at Police Headquarters on the subject of 'How to Avoid Crimes' in response to problems at Seminary Ridge homes.
Sgt. Houston reported crime remains low in the Seminary Hill Association area. There were 33 cases mostly minor incidents. He also said there was nothing new at this time concerning the recent Suntrust Bank robbery in Seminary Plaza nor the robbery at the Seven Eleven convenience store also in Seminary Plaza.
Sgt. Houston reported that the level of crime on Seminary Hill has been low thanks in part to residents locking their vehicles and not leaving valuables in plain sight. Sgt. Houston reports that the enforcement unit remains understaffed, so response to SHA's requests for more enforcement of speeding regulations are not as frequent as desired.
Sgt. Houston reported that the level of crime on Seminary Hill was about the same as last month and will try to find out who to call if food trucks are parked illegally in our neighborhoods.
The Sheriff's Office representative Brian Grenadier reminded us that this week is police week and we will see more police cars than usual as the families of fallen officers stay at the Hilton at Mark Center. He also advised that the way the City pays expenses-such as electricity at the jail-has been passed down to the Sheriff's Office. The Sheriff's Office continues to make a profit by housing prisoners for Arlington, Prince William, and Falls Church.
Sgt. Houston reported that the level of crime on Seminary Hill was about the same as last month and included larcenies from autos (laptops). In addition, theft of copper drain spouts and gutters has occurred. Please continue to lock your cars and to report any suspicious behavior to the police.
Crime in the area has increased most likely because of the lack of snow! During February there were only 24 reportable offenses, of which only one was a theft from a car. The next month had 77 reportable offenses but none were really serious. Down again in April to 42, of which eight were related to unlocked cars. Items were stolen from three cars in Area 6; two cars were unlocked and a brick was thrown through the window to reach a purse in the locked one. Also a car theft using a brick happened in the parking lot at the Alexandria Hospital.
Street lights in Area 6 'Marlboro Estates' have been repaired
A number of street lights in Area 6—Marlboro Estates—have be inoperable for more than nine months. Despite a number of residents calling Dominion Power for repair, the streets remain dark. Residents asked the City Manager to intervene and get the lights repaired. Meanwhile, neighbors have kept their house and garage lights on so the sidewalks are a bit safer.
SHA’s crime rate remains low. In December, only one phone was stolen from an auto. Sgt. Houston thanks SHA residents every month for LOCKING their cars and garages and not leaving electronics—phones, iPads, etc.—visible when parking vehicles. Please continue to help the police keep us safe. Call and report ALL incidents, even minor ones, and any suspicious behavior to 703-838-4444.
Sgt. Houston said he would notify the motorcycle traffic enforcers about the speeding issue on Seminary Road. A word to the wise . . .
On Labor Day, Area 7 Rep reported excessive noise levels in Fort Ward Park to the police who arrived immediately and got it under control. No park employees were available or on site.
SGT Houston thanked SHA residents for LOCKING their cars and noted that vehicle thefts had dropped from 15 in April to only 3 in May. Two of the three vehicles were unlocked. He reported that there were 29 offenses in the SHA area in May but only 5 of these were significant crime issues, which he discussed. He will pass along concerns about excessive vehicle speeds on Seminary Road, particularly on Sunday mornings! Please drive the speed limit and continue to LOCK YOUR CARS and CALL to report all incidents, including minor incidents, or just suspicious behavior.
Sargent Lemuel Houston reports that thefts from cars are increasing on Seminary Hill. Seminary Hill residents have had about 15 larcenies from autos, so PLEASE lock your cars. Also, please report any crimes or suspicious individuals to the police non-emergency number—(703) 838-4444—so they can get an idea of the patterns of criminals.
An Alexandria Police Officer 'Peter Laboy' was shot in the head while making more than a routine traffic stop. The individual who fired the gun likely was aiming at a different target. Laboy, who is married and the father of four boys, has made a miracle recovery, but he still has bullet fragments in his brain. Donations can be dropped off at the Alexandria Police Department '3600 Wheeler Avenue' or sent to the Alexandria Police Association c/o Peter Laboy, P.O. Box 1228, Alexandria, VA 22313.
Sargent Lemuel Houston is the new police liaison to SHA. He reports that crime on Seminary Hill is low, but please continue to LOCK YOUR CARS. Brian Grenadier remains the Sheriff�s Office liaison and reminds us that prisoner work crews welcome maintenance projects as they have done in the past at Fort Ward and Fort Williams Parks.
The West End Alexandria Patch reported that a man was indicted in the October Holmes Run sexual assault.
Deputy Chief of Police Hassan Aden said farewell as he retired and became the Chief of Police in Greenville NC. He reminded everyone not only to lock your cars and report solicitors but also be mindful of people stealing packages from front porches.
Deputy Chief of Police Hassan Aden reported on two assaults in Holmes Run Park where police have increased patrols and noted SHA had a break-in on North Ivanhoe Street in September. This gives the SHA area a slight increase in crime compared with last year. PLEASE continue to LOCK your cars!
A neighbor by the Inova Alexandria Hospital wrote that she and her husband failed to lock their cars one night . . . lock your cars!
Deputy Chief Hassan Aden thanked us for securing our cars and personal property; larceny and theft is down in SHA neighborhoods. Police have monitored traffic on Quaker Lane and will bring results to a future meeting as well as information about changes to the speed limit on Quaker Lane.
Deputy Chief Hassan Aden reported that several individuals tried to run a scam on some residents on Taney Avenue. Beware of individuals offering to do work on your property—they need to show an Alexandria permit. Call the police nonemergency number—703-838-444—if you are approached by a scam so they can track these individuals.
Deputy Chief Hassan Aden said that crime continues to decrease in the City of Alexandria but noted two crimes near Seminary Hill. He reported significant damage to many vehicles in the Fox Chase area that were “keyed” whereby someone used a key to scratch the paint on the vehicles. In addition, near Quaker Lane, an Alexandria Police Officer was injured when directing a motorist to stop and instead the driver drove off over his foot. The driver was subsequently arrested on hit and run charges and DWI.
A fire at 5325 Polk Avenue (near Pegram)—where developers have proposed dense projects—caused the owner to tear down the abandoned structure that had created a public nuisance and attracted campers and teenage partyers.
Deputy Chief Hassan Aden reported that crime is still low but we continue to have larcenies from parked cars.
A resident of Seminary Hill reported that someone had taken items from her unlocked car at her home—Sony Walkman, sunglasses, cash, etc.—and reminds everyone to lock your car!
Deputy Chief Hassan Aden reported that crime in December was the lowest on record since 1965; only four larcenies and one burglary. He advised that motor vehicle theft is up 13 percent over last year and cautioned not to “warm up” your car (leave it running when unattended).
Deputy Chief Hassan Aden led SHA members on a tour of the new police headquarters.
The Alexandria Police thank you for continuing to LOCK YOUR CARS and keeping SHA’s crime rate low and ask you to also LOCK your belongings when you work out at a GYM, and help prevent PACKAGE THEFT during the holiday season by requesting a signature confirmation of delivery or arranging delivery with a neighbor. As always, report any suspicious activity to (703) 838-4444 and drive slowly on Quaker and Seminary (police gave out over 100 traffic tickets last month).
LOCK YOUR CARS! Residents along Quaker Lane have experienced break in and thefts from their cars. The Police ask you to report any criminal activity like this so that they can see any patterns and do more patrols (703) 838-4444.
In April, Seminary Hill had a jump in crime when more than 20 cars and some garages were robbed in Area 9, Seminary Ridge. Deputy Chief of Police Hassan Aden advises, “LOCK your cars, even if they are in the driveway or in front of your house.” Also, secure your garage (keep the door closed). He explained that once this type of crime begins it often continues because the thieves realize the likelihood that cars in the neighborhood will be unlocked and easy to access. Locked cars in Area 9 were untouched, and no windows were broken to gain access. This type of crime has happened recently in other parts of Alexandria and is challenging to solve. The Police ask you to report any criminal activity like this so that they can see any patterns and do more patrols (703) 838-4444.
Police will assess activities in Fort Ward Park during lunch time, since an Internet website has designated it as a romantic meeting spot.
Deputy Police Chief Hassan Aden reported that the crime rate in Seminary Hill continues to be at a record low but advises to not warm up a car—leave it running and unattended—outside a home or when shopping.
Deputy Police Chief Hassan Aden reported that the crime rate in Seminary Hill was at a record 44-year low. The enforcement of speeding limits is the main issue.
The Alexandria Police Department responded to reports that property was taken from several unlocked cars on Colonel Ellis Avenue. Also an SUV was reported stolen from Hardee Place. Police strongly advise residents to LOCK all vehicles parked outside and not leave any items of value visible.
SHA Area 7 representative Pat Lidy reported the police responded promptly when a house in her area was broken into during the day.
Police picked up an intoxicated man in Area 5 and returned him to the Hospital after he wandered out and fell over a fence or wall. His head was bloodied.
SHA's Sheriff's Office Liaison Lt. Brian Grenadier spoke on behalf of the fund raising effort for the Truesdale memorial and happily reported that the City jail is making money as it houses 195 federal prisoners.
Sheriff Dana Lawhorne sent a letter to SHA requesting donations for a memorial in honor of Deputy William Truesdale, the only fallen Sheriff's Deputy in the history of Alexandria. The stone monument will be dedicated on May 5, 2011. Donations are tax deductible and checks should be made to the City of Alexandria and mailed to Ms. Cindy Catlett, Alexandria Sheriff's Office, 2003 Mill Road, Alexandria VA 22314.
Deputy Chief Hassan Aden advised that crime in the Seminary Hill area continues to be at an all-time low. Thanks to citizens for not leaving valuables in their vehicles. SHA commended the police for their success in controlling speeding with their new LIDAR equipment on the main roads in the areas (over 160 tickets were issued in Aug-Sep).
  • People knocking on doors and soliciting need a permit from the City and citizens may ask to see it.
  • A gypsy population is operating again in the Hamlets and Potomac Yard that scams people by doing shoddy home and car maintenance. The police ask for citizen help to control them by reporting any license plate numbers to the non-emergency police number (703) 838-4444.
  • If you have a zoning enforcement problem—such as noise or vandalism—call the non-emergency police number (703) 838-4444 as often as it happens so your problem will move up on their "hot spot" list and get more attention.
An individual attempted to break into a home on North Early Street while residents were at home. According to Captain Tim Dickinson (Sector 3-West End Commander), "The resident reported that her 11 year old daughter saw an unknown race male attempting to open the rear kitchen door. The incident occurred at approximately 8:30 a.m. She reported that when the subject opened the door, the alarm went off. The subject then closed the door and ran towards the rear of the house. He then jumped the wooden fence and continued running northbound. K-9 ran a track but the track ended at the wooden fence. Officers completed a canvass by knocking on several doors but no one was home."
Crime in the SHA neighborhoods was down 15 percent from the same time last year, according to Deputy Chief Hassan Aden. He noted that larcenies are up 10 percent from last year and advised residents to lock their homes and not leave any electronics or valuables in their cars. In addition he shared information about "Shimming" a criminal technique to steal ATM card information and then access peoples bank accounts (more information on SHA website).
Police officers will enforce speed regulations using their new Lidar radar during July and August on Seminary Road and West Braddock Road.
The process for timely removal of graffiti has not changed; citizens report it to the police on-line or the non-emergency phone (703) 838-4444. Sergeant Briel mentioned an internal change between the Police and Parks & Recreation Departments regarding accountability. Hopefully the new reporting/removal procedures are now posted for the citizens somewhere.
Captain Hassan Aden reported that the number of crimes in Seminary Hill neighborhoods was notably down from the same time last year—for example only 1 burglary compared with 7 last year—but that larcenies continue to rise—from 39 to 54. He asks you to PROTECT items like laptops and GPS systems by not leaving them in your CARS and always locking your car.
Deputy Chief Hassan Aden reported that the number of crimes in Alexandria was up slightly this year compared with last year. He noted that 10 of the 14 offenses in the Seminary Hill area were larcenies. He asked citizens to report ALL thefts, even if the item was not expensive; for example, $50 of potted plants. The police are trying to understand the pattern of these crimes.
Police Deputy Chief Hassan Aden reported at the SHA monthly meeting that thefts are likely to continue because of the economy. Please let him know - 703-838-6360, ext. 1274 or - if anything is stolen from your residence. Also, police officers in our sector have new Lidar equipment, so expect increased speed enforcement this winter. Please let the police know.
Police Deputy Chief Hassan Aden reported at the SHA monthly meeting that the City had 130 serious crimes in 2009—a 43-year low—although Seminary Hill was up a little. Hide those GPSs in your vehicles!
A victim of a larceny at the Alexandria Pastry Shop told the SHA Board of Directors how she had her purse stolen during an altercation between a customer and the cashier and then her credit cards were used. Police Deputy Chief Hassan Aden advised that this crime was committed by a gang operating along the East Coast from Florida to Boston. It targets customers in bakeries, such as the one at Bradlee Shopping Center and Panera. The feds have the video of this crime.


Police non-emergency phone: (703) 838-4444
Our Police Liaison Representative
Deputy Chief Hassan Aden
Patrol Operations Bureau
703-838-6360, ext. 1274