Landmark/Van Dorn Plan

Nan's notes


The future of Landmark Mall remains uncertain. The Howard Hughes Corporation is trying to work out several issues. Sears recent declaration of Chapter 11 bankruptcy may complicate the matter. Recent rumors include the idea that Inova Alexandria Hospital would relocate to Landmark Mall. During 2004-06, SHA was very involved in creating the Small Area Plan that includes the mall. Now there is a group - Landmark Mall Re-Planning Process - that will meet on 14 Nov at 7 pm in Cameron Station Great Room - hope springs eternal that this parcel can be of use to the City.
Howard Hughes Corporation—one of the three owners of Landmark Mall—applied to redevelop one-third of the Landmark Mall into an urban village by demolishing the central portion replacing it with residential and retail. Sears and Macy’s—the other owners—will remain. The parking structure would be redesigned. Howard Hughes plans to make $4 million in contributions to the City in lieu of providing affordable housing on site and transit way improvements.
Howard Hughes Corporation held two public meetings about its plans to redevelop a part of the Mall into a restaurant row with residences above.
Planning Commission will consider changing the zoning in the Landmark/Van Dorn Plan - 34A, 36 and 100 South Reynolds Street that is now a hotel - from Medium/High Residential CG/Commercial 'to only residential' RC/High Density Apartment with a parking deck. Note this is the second request for a change to the City's approved plan to build more residential and parking where the Plan had approved 'smart growth' and 'mixed use projects' that would have residential, retail, and commercial together thus reducing traffic and sharing garages. So much for plans!
City received plans from the Howard Hughes Corporation - one of the three owners of Landmark Mall - to redevelop part of the Mall into a restaurant row, which Mayor Euille likely does not support.